Gifted Professional Development Documentation

  • The Gifted & Talented office will assist teachers with keeping track of professional development hours related to gifted education in a database kept within the department. Teachers are encouraged to track their own hours either through inclusion in their IPDP and documentation in CIMS or using the form developed by the Ohio Association for Gifted Children.

    • Any professional development offered by the district's Gifted & Talented office will be recorded in CIMS automatically and documented in the Gifted & Talented office records.
    • Any professional development obtained online using GT Ignite will automatically be documented in the Gifted & Talented office records, BUT the teacher must print the certificate of completion and submit a proposal for credit in CIMS to have the hours count toward license renewal (see guide below).
    • If a teacher uses an outside provider for professional development, he/she must provide the documentation form and copy of certificate of completion to the Gifted & Talented office for their records. If the teacher would like the hours to count toward license renewal, he/she must also complete the proposal for credit in CIMS (see guide below).

    Columbus City Schools Gifted & Talented Office Outside Professional Development Form
    OAGC Form to Track PD Sessions
    OAGC Form to Track Evidence of Implementing New Learning from PD