Classroom Teacher Gifted Professional Development

  • Recent changes to Ohio’s Operating Standards related to Gifted Education include new guidelines regarding professional development for general classroom teachers providing reported gifted services. Teachers to whom these standards apply must engage in 15 clock hours of professional development each year for the first four years serving in the role (or the first year the standards are in effect) and additional hours each year thereafter. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate teachers who have had at least 24 hours of formal AP/IB training from those organizations within the past 5 years must obtain 7.5 hours of gifted professional development each year for four years plus additional hours each year after.  The training must address specific competencies outlined in the standards and be led by someone with expertise in gifted education.

    New Gifted Operating Standards in Effect July 1, 2017 (p. 7, section D(8)(b)) (Modified July 27, 2018)
    In Columbus City Schools, these guidelines apply to:

    • Advanced Placement teachers
    • International Baccalaureate teachers
    • Eastmoor’s Biomedical Engineering teachers
    • Reading and math cluster class teachers at the 6 middle school gifted service sites (Buckeye, Sherwood, Wedgewood, Dominion, Ridgeview, Woodward Park)
    • Cluster teachers co-teaching with the gifted specialist at Ecole Kenwood and Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy

    Other teachers outside of these roles are not required to obtain the professional development hours described here, but they are welcome to do so in preparation for possible future assignments or for their own professional growth goals.
    This requirement does not apply to teachers who have completed a gifted endorsement program or who are in progress with such a program.  Individuals who provide gifted services to students and currently hold a gifted endorsement or are Unified Arts teachers providing services through advanced unified arts courses will be expected to obtain 6 hours of gifted professional development per year.
    Explore the links below for more information and opportunities to help you meet these requirements. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since this is a new requirement, we know teachers may have questions.  Please see the document attached below for frequently asked questions regarding the professional development requirement.  These will be updated as new questions arise.  If you have a question that is not listed on this document, pelase call the Gifted and Talented office at (614) 365-6626 or email Dr. Colleen Boyle.


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