• Several (2-10) gifted students are deliberately clustered in the same classroom and services are provided by the regular classroom teacher with behind-the-scenes support from a Gifted Resource Specialist. Through cluster grouping, K-10 students identified in the areas of superior cognitive, specific academic (reading, math, science, social studies) and/or creative thinking ability receive differentiated instruction. Although not an officially reported gifted service, this model extends the regular curriculum for all students who require additional depth and/or breadth.

    Students may have the opportunity to participate in additional enrichment opportunities. Enrichment opportunities are available so teachers and other building staff can provide teaching and learning extensions for gifted and talented high-achieving students. Activities utilize and support higher-level thinking skills, logic and reasoning, as well as critical and creative thinking. Objectives for the academic options are aligned with the Ohio Learning Standards.

    Gifted Resources Specialists are assigned to schools at all levels. The ultimate goal of the Gifted Resources Specialist is to provide behind-the-scenes support to classroom teachers as the teachers provide direct instruction to gifted learners. Gifted Resources Specialists may provide model lessons or other resources and facilitate professional development for staff at the building level.