• Links to summer program opportunities for students in grades K-12 will be below in spring 2024.  Inclusion on these lists does not constitute or imply endorsement by Columbus City Schools of any camp or program.  Please research summer opportunities that you might be considering to determine if they would be enriching experiences for the student. 

    Scholarship Sources to Help Fund Enrichment Experiences:
    • Support for Talented Students - This organization helps distribute money donated by community organizations and private individuals with the sole purpose of helping gifted learners access summer program to help develop their talents and interests. A large portion of the organization's money is earmarked for students in Columbus City Schools.  Awards are based on financial need.  Applications are available in january and due mid-March each year.
    • Ohio Association for Gifted Children - OAGC offers college scholarships and partial funding for identified gifted students to attend enrichment programs.  College scholarship applciations are due mid-April, and enrichment program scholarship applciations are typically due in the fall.